Monday, June 12, 2017

We Have a Review!

Publisher's Weekly, the trade journal of the publishing industry, chose the Discovering the Mammoth to be reviewed this week. They can only review a fraction of the new books each week, so I think this is a good sign.


  1. This book is a work of love. The author has meticulously gone through historical references in a variety of languages and taken time to read between the lines. He succeeds in revealing how little-by-little over centuries men of letters made sense of the fact that elephant like creatures lived in colder climates. The biggest hurdle for Europeans was reconciling the evidence with what the Bible said, as well as the bogus conjectures. The Chinese were no better. They thought the bones belonged to Dragons. The tusks and teeth circulated because of a huge ivory trade. Since entire mammoths with flesh and skin were exhumed in the 19th century, the "men-of-learning" could no longer deny the extinction of this special animal. But along the way a lot of very smart people made incremental steps towards that conclusion. well done.